Director | Camera | Editor - In 2016 I was approached to help create a series of short commercials highlighting the experiences and joy locals in Spokane could have utilizing their public parks.

Director | Camera | Editor - I was approached by the travel lodging company StayAlfred to help create a series of videos for a convention. The idea was "destroying business travel," and I think we did an awesome job! The video had to fit into a television mounted sideways, which presented an interesting challenge, as I had never shot like this before. There was also no sound, so we had to rely on visuals only.

Camera | Editor - A client in Pennsylvania needed to share their product, but didn't want the same old boring explanation videos of the past.

Camera | Editor | Stunts and Choreography - One of my passions is Krav Maga, and for my gym I was more than happy to take on the challenge of creating a commercial that showed one thing: Krav Maga is about going home safe, and how we train in the gym prepares us for the real world.

Director of Photography | Editor - My first foray into narrative work as a camera and editor. This film was written, shot, and edited in 50 hours!

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